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09.12.2014 14:07 Il y a : 10 yrs
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BSR Section Meeting Pediatric Radiology - 09/12/2014

09/12/2014 in Hôpital d’Etterbeek-Ixelles, 63 rue J. Paquot, 1050 Bruxelles

Dear Colleagues

We herewith kindly invite you to the next meeting of the Pediatric Radiology Section of the BSR on Tuesday December 9th, 2014 in Hôpital d’Etterbeek-Ixelles, 63 rue J. Paquot, 1050 Bruxelles.   The meeting room is on the first floor in the rotonda.

Participants are welcome at 19h15 and the scientific programme will start at 19h30. The meeting is sponsored by SA Guerbet.

  1. A 4-month-old child (< Kosovo) with a huge liver on clinical examination
    H. Vandermaesen, F. Lemmens, P. Colla, L. Meylaerts -  ZOL Genk
  2. Atypical PRES in a 13-year-old boy
    R. Kadi, F. Ziereisen, N. Damry, S. Aouni, C. Christophe – HUDERF
  3. Malignant thyroid nodule in paediatrics
    M. Demeter, J. Coolen, J. Verschakelen, W. De Wever -  University Hospitals Leuven
  4. A rare complication of media otitis
    S. Aouni, I. Delpierre, AL Mansbach, F. Ziereisen - HUDERF
  5. An infant with a bunch of grapes
    V. De Grove – UZ Brussels
  6. A rare cause of pulmonary hyperinflation
    S. Aouni, V.Segers, N. Damry - HUDERF
  7. Unusual cystic lesion of the infrapatellar fat pad
    M. Ghassemi, R. Kadi, N. Damry – HUDERF
  8. Trevor’s disease (dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica
    A. Alla Fares – UZ Brussels
  9. About PICCs and umbilical catheters in premature neonates
    M. Demeter, L. Breysem, V. Cossey, M.H. Smet –UZ Leuven
  10. A so useful bad examination: chest X Ray
    P. Jamblin, H. Bostem, F. Ledure, L. Rausin – CHR de la Citadelle
  11. The visible part of the iceberg
    F. Corbusier, L. Tecco, M. Cassart  - Erasme Hospital - St Pierre Hospital- Ixelles Hospital

This meeting has been accredited for 2 CP.
With kind regards

Dr. B. Desprechins, Section Chairperson                            
Dr. L. Breysem, Section Secretary                                         
Dr. M. Cassart, Local Organizer