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13.11.2014 09:55 Il y a : 10 yrs
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BSR Section Meeting Cardiac Imaging - 13/11/2014

Dear colleagues
We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming Cardiac Imaging section meeting of the Belgian Society of Radiology. This meeting will take place at the The Courtyard by Mariott, 6 Avenue des Olympiades, 1140 Brussels on Thursday November 13th, 2014 (19h00).
The meeting will end with a walking dinner at 21h00.
programme /
A. State-of-the-art lectures

1. What is the value of FFR in clinical routine?
    Dr. Carlos van Mieghem - Hartcentrum OLV Aalst 
2. CT-derived FFR. is it the real thing?
    Dr. Rodrigo Salgado - UZ Antwerpen
3. MRI myocardial perfusion, a reliable alternative to FFR?
    Dr. Alain Nchimi - University Hospital Liège

B. Scientific lectures

1. Value of CT angiography in predicting flow limitation of intermediate-grade     coronary artery stenoses.
    Dr. Olivier Ghekiere-  CHC Liège, University of Hasselt

C. Case reports

1. Post-infarct LV aneurysm and pseudoaneurysm.
    Dr. Yilmaz Gorur - Clinique André Renard, University Hospital Liège
2. Budd Chiari and the heart. the flow must go on.
    Dr. Daniel Devos - Ghent University Hospital

Best regards
Dr. Nico Mollet                                                  Dr. Alain Nchimi
section president                                              section secretary